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About Us

RK Cells or to be known as Regenerative Therapy and NK treatment is a one-stop Stem Cell Therapy service provider supporting patients worldwide seeking for Stem Cell Therapy through our panel of specialised doctors with years of experience in different fields having treated thousands of patients in the past decades.

Stem Cell Therapy that is offered by RK Cells is basically a medical procedure that reintroduces stem cell derived from the donor (also known as allogeneic stem cell transplant) to patients. The recent rise in popularity of healthcare clinics offering stem cell therapy points to the increasing awareness of stem cell therapy as part of a medical procedure with vast potential to improve and treat various injuries and diseases.

There was various type of stem cells which also been explained under stem cells column for your knowledge and also understanding. In a same way, stem cells are not a one stop solution or elixir to cure all diseases so, better to consult with our specialist to find out are you are best candidate for stem cell therapy.